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Valor Fireplace

Valor Fireplace

Valor is a high-end fireplace brand started back in 1977 that continues to lead the industry in design and heating performance. Valor has perfected radiant heat technology to allow all of their fireplaces to generate constant heat throughout the whole house.

Valor’s fireplaces are designed to not only provide you with an efficient and radiant warmth, but many of their models can run without electricity. While clients often come in looking to purchase a fireplace for the ambiance, Valor fireplaces are fully functional and are often used as a heat source even when you lose power! Valor is reliable and continues to evolve its technology, making them one of the best fireplaces on the market.

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Sonos is one of the most reliable audio and video products available across the entire market. Not only are their products completely customizable to your needs, but all devices are also effortlessly controlled with one simple touch. Sonos allows you to add devices at any time to create superior sound from any room in the house. Sonos has a wide range of products that can be easily managed from an app on your phone. Whether you need to amplify their tv's sound or quickly pick up a speaker and go to the beach, Sonos has what you need!

Valor Fireplace

Lyric By Ortal

Over the past three decades, Lyric by Ortal has been redesigning how people see fireplaces. Their attention to detail and innovative technology development build high-quality, contemporary fireplaces. Ortal listens to its customers and has redesigned the Lyric to be slimmer, easier to install, and more convenient, all while ensuring that it doesn’t sacrifice the quality of products or safety standards. While still making sure to meet the requirements of architects, builders, and most importantly, the homeowners, the Lyric by Ortal brings luxury fireplaces within reach.

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Valor Fireplace

Napoleon Fireplace

Napoleon is a leading supplier of fireplaces, stoves, and grills. Napoleon provides high-quality products that keep you warm and safe for a lifetime. They aim to deliver sustainable and innovative products while still being cost-effective. Napoleon offers an incredible range of products to fit with any home design that they not only love but trust that their customers will as well.

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Valor Fireplace

European Home | Element 4

European Home is a family-owned company based out of New England, where they offer an extensive line of modern and contemporary fireplaces. With both indoor and outdoor options, you are sure to find the perfect fireplace to add to your home. Their selection includes Element 4 with linear and vertical options, Focus for modern suspended design, and Evonic with electric fireplaces. Their products focus on clean lines, cutting-edge technology, and high-quality materials. European Home is known for their excellent customer service, where they are dedicated to finding suitable fireplaces to fit your home’s design. 

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